Success Comes In Collaboration

...We collaborate with people to help people. Here you can support a cause several ways... 

  • Set a fundraising goal (Songs That Give admins can help you)
  • Share your page via social media or email
  • Write blog posts
  • Take sponsorships

On your sponsorship building account, supporters can build a team page...

  • Edit team information (Songs That Give admin and team admin only)
  • Join or create a team
  • View sponsorships
  • Take sponsorships

Have fun building your team and support each member! Had someone not followed through to help you get where you are, life may have been much different for you. Maybe it was mom, dad, other family members, friends, a mentor or a teacher, there was a commitment to your well being. Here at Songs That Give we believe humans true strength is our commitment to do those things which are good for, needed by and in the best interest of others and self. It is optimistically preparing one’s self to be the best you can be, while opening to the possibilities of how best to be of benefit to others.

You are here because you are a client, you were invited, you learned about us through our music, or another source. The fact that you are here says you know, just like every #dreamcatcher knows, Elevation Is A Must. We must lift one another up and live in love.

We believe that for humanity to do well, regardless of race, religion, political choice, location, or upbringing, it is important that you, and other members of society become unconditionally respectful and supportive of humans in the whole development process. The term equal opportunity here means that you take some time to click campaigns, review each and become a sponsor. Sponsor campaigns that resonate with you, at the level of sponsorship you are comfortable with. You can even scroll to the bottom to create your own sponsorship amount. If you want to become even more involved and help build sponsorship, we invite you to open your own page here.

You may want to go beyond your comfort zone to support at the higher sponsorship levels.

If you’d enjoy creating a sponsorship building with Songs That Give, click here and let us know of your interest.

We are grateful to you! 

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